Passenger Car Course in ENGLISH – Start any time

Price 1299€ ( if you coose an automatic car, you get a discount of -100€)

The course is suitable for a person who wants to complete driving school as smoothly as possible and practice as much as possible with a real car. You will receive all the necessary instruction in English. We have a new Seat Ibiza automatic car.

EAS and RTK training online
12 driving hours in a real car
RTK drives 2h by car +2 in the simulator
Material and theory test practice
Driving a car in the 1st driving test

(Driving license application fee to Traficom 24/39€. Theory exam 40€ and driving exam 99€ to Ajovarma)

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Driving license also with financing, ask for more.

Autokoulu Proway is a popular driving school for international customers who value calm and encouraging teaching.

Our teachers have experience in multicultural teaching and we take this into account in all our activities. Yours respecting values ​​and good teaching methods.

We teach in English, but you don’t need to know good Finnish, we teach you in plain language Finnish if necessary.

We are your choice when you want a driver’s license at an affordable price, with good instruction.